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All the Forgivenesses is out in paperback! Want to escape to a different timeline? Love a juicy family story replete with flawed and complex characters? Here's your chance. Look for it at or your favorite independent bookstore.


Publishers Marketplace has chosen All the Forgivenesses as a 2019 Buzz Book! Download the FREE list, and read an excerpt. 

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"[A]n extraordinary, unforgettable novel, with a haunting voice that follows you into your dreams at night weaving tales of hard fought battles."

—Jonis Agee, award-winning author of The River Wife andThe Bones of Paradise

"Equal parts tender and brutal, All the Forgivenessess is a rich, exquisite novel."

 —Alex George, bestselling author of A Good American and Setting Free the Kites

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from John Scognamiglio Books, an imprint of Kensington Books

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When her mother dies, fifteen-year-old Bertie is left to care for her younger siblings. Struggling to survive on a hardscrabble farm in rural Kentucky, Bertie is a wounded child who is grieved and then embittered by her burdens despite her closeness with her siblings. She isn't given what she needs to process grief, anger, guilt - or even love. When she cannot hold the family together, she assumes a burden of shame already heavy from a childhood tragedy and from her unquestioning acceptance of her mother's punitive brand of Calvinism. Ever pragmatic, Bertie marries young and considers herself lucky to have found a gentle and creative, albeit restless, husband. But she discovers that marriage cannot resolve her inner struggles, and more losses loom in her attempt to gain fulfillment in motherhood. Only when confronted with the deep spiritual and physical needs of three damaged children does Bertie face her fears and learn how uncomplicated it can be to deserve, and give, unfettered love.

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