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Wait, what? v. 1.0

Here I go, off the ledge <looks around for instructions on building wings>

I'm the author of ALL THE FORGIVENESSES, publishing Aug. 27, from John Scognamiglio Books, an imprint of Kensington Books.

You'd think, after waiting until the age of (almost) 70 years to be able write a sentence like that, I wouldn't have given my novel such a weird title. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I do see it as a good sign that I have 40-some followers on Goodreads and so far haven't done anything to follow, blogwise. And I can't figure out how to put up my studio shot in the picture box. Probably just as well.

I'll be lucky if this text ends up somewhere where it can be read by my followers or, as I call them, "the world's most intelligent and discerning readers" (hereafter, TWMIADRs). But I've been lucky lately, so there's that.

I will have more later, TWMIADRs. Talk among yourselves.


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1 comentario

Mira Grimes
Mira Grimes
29 ago 2023

Oh how I enjoyed your book. When can we expect the next

Me gusta
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